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I was born 2nd of January 1988 in Herat Afghanistan where I was raised by my mother and father, together with my four sisters.

When I was young, I got the heartbreaking news that the talibans had executed my father. After that, my family decided to escape Afghanistan, as it was not a safe place for a family of 6 women's.

We planned to escape to London, where we had a few relatives, and with forged passports we came to Italy thru Pakistan. From there, me and my entire family went on a truck, thinking we where heading towards London. After a few days, we all turfed of the truck, expecting to see Big Ben. We did not. All we saw was trees. We asked a passer-by and found out that the bus had dropped us in Denmark. A small country in the northern parts of Europe, that I these days refer to as home.

I began my professional career playing for B52 in Aalborg, and then came to represent Team Viborg, IK Skovbakken and Fortuna Hjørring. With Fortuna I made my Champions League debut, in September 2012, scoring both goals when we beat Scottish champions Glasgow City 2-1. 

I made my debut for the Danish national team in Algarve Cup 2009, and has since then proudly represented my country 73 times, earning 1x UEFA Euro's bronze medal, and just recently 1x UEFA Euro's silver medal, after a though loss against the hosting nation, Holland.

Except playing football, Im also a medical student at Aarhus University, and quite soon my title will become Dr Nadim. I speak 7 languages fluently, and Im constant in the process of taking on new challenges.

-“I have one goal in life, I want to be the best, in everything I do,”


Playoffs coming up

Finally on our way back to Portland, after a few weeks on the road. I have been in Denmark, where we had negotiations with DBU, the Danish Football Association and later Hungary for the qualifier game. 3 days back I came back to America, but flew straight to Orlando to face the Pride. So, Im…
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6-1 win in Hungary

Yes! Felt great to be back representing my country, and Im proud over our team that showed strength and smashed Hungary with 6-1 away after quite a time of negotiations with DBU. Now, on to the next one!
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