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When I left Sky Blue FC in 2015, I started to collaborate with Neverland Management and their Founder Michael Kallbäck.

The agency has its headquarter in Sweden, but operates all over the world. For me, it has been a great experience from scratch, and I feel like my personal interest always are taken care of, in the best possible way.

Michael has always been sure to present me with the best possible options when it comes to sponsors, and has always made sure that I get what I want when it comes to negotiations. I consider Michael and his partners to be one of the absolutely best agencies in the world, without a doubt.

Some of the things that Neverland MGMT has done together with me are;


  • Brought me different marketing opportunities
  • Initiated & negotiated my contract with DR as an Expert in TV
  • Arranged for me to participate at Ted Talk in Amsterdam
  • Initiated & negotiated my exclusive contract with NIKE
  • Initiated & negotiated my exclusive contract with VISA
  • Initiated & negotiated my commercial contract with ERICSSON
  • Initiated & negotiated my exclusive contract with BeIN SPORTS
  • Brought me a massive book deal from POLITIKENS FØRLAG
  • Brought me the possibility to become an ambassador of UNESCO
  • Sold the rights of my book a French publishing house


  • Negotiated the trade from Sky Blue FC to Portland Thorns
  • Negotiated my contract with Portland Thorns and NWSL
  • Negotiated my contract with Manchester City
  • Negotiated my termination with Manchester City
  • Negotiated my contract with Paris Saint Germain
  • Negotiated my extension with Paris Saint Germain


The agency has also been responsible for coordinating everything from my schedules, travel itineraries, contact with media to mention some things. Everything that I could ask for to make my daily routines easier.

For me, as a player and medical student, it has been fantastic to know that there is always somebody there to support me when it comes to these things.

Having an agent is not only about brining you offers and negotiate with clubs and sponsors. It's so much more than that, and Im thankful to be surrounded with great persons who always put my own interest at first.

But, most important, and the main reason why Im working with Michael and Neverland Management - they do always have my back, no matter what.

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